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6mA AI Predictor


Welcome to eRice

November 1, 2020

Optimized webpage.

Added components column.


January 9, 2020

eRice database is published on

Plant Biotechnology Journal.


November 1, 2019

eRice v1.1 is online.


August 3, 2019

Improved eRice website design.


May 1, 2019

Improved Genome Annotation.


March 25, 2019

Updated 6mA AI Predictor.


January 29, 2019

eRice v1.0 is online.


November 17, 2018

A paper describing DNA 6mA methylation in rice and its association with gene expression, plant development and stress responses has been published on Molecular Plant.


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Rice Epigenomic & Genomic Annotation

  Epigenetic marks played an essential role in various pathways, including transcription regulation, DNA replication and repair, development and differentiation as well as response to environmental factors. Thanks to single-molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing, recent discovery of DNA N6-methyladenosine (6mA) methylation provided new insights into altering the activities and functions of developmental signals and stress responses.

    In rice (Oryza sativa), genome-wide 6mA distribution at single-nucleotide resolution has been reported in two main and parental cultivars (Nipponbare, japonica group; 93-11, indica group), which were regarded as reference genomes of japonica and indica groups. Here, we have developed a species-specific epigenomic database, eRice (an Epigenomic & Genomic Annotation Database for Rice), to facilitate efficient epigenomic studies for both japonica and indica groups.



Zhang P, Wang Y, Chachar S, Tian J*, Gu X*. eRice: a refined epigenomic platform for japonica and indica rice. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2020, doi: 10.1111/PBI.13329.

Zhang Q, Liang Z, Cui X, Ji C, Li Y, Zhang P, Liu J, Riaz A, Yao P, Liu M, Wang Y, Lu T, Yu H, Yang D, Zheng H, Gu X*. N6-methyladenine DNA methylation in japonica and indica rice genomes and its association with gene expression, plant development and stress responses. Molecular Plant, 2018, 11(12): 1492-1508.

Liang Z, Riaz A, Chachar S, Ding Y, Du H, Gu X*. Epigenetic modifications of mRNA and DNA in plants. Molecular Plant, 2020, 13(1): 14-30.




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